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About Jim Davis:

Treble viola da gamba in progress

         Making instruments is what Jim calls his albatross: something he's stuck with, something he must do.

He began his career as a luthier out of necessity. He wanted to play the lute and couldn't find one to buy in the sleepy vale of orchards and farms now known as Silicon Valley. Since then, he has made other lutes, and guitars, harpsichords, virginals, dulcimers, folk and Celtic harps, wooden flutes, and a hurdy-gurdy. Take a look at some examples of his work in the Instruments Gallery.

Jim's current focus is on Baroque viols and bows. He specializes in affordable instruments for early music players. He also makes custom tools for bowmakers, nifty gadgets he has developed or adapted to make a luthier's life just a little easier.

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